People automatically assume that if their backs hurt, they must have done something to injure themselves. While this is true some of the time, the real cause of your back pain may surprise you. The following reveals three unusual sources of back pain and what you can do to prevent them.

When High-Heeled Shoes Are Not High Enough

Many women (and some men) wear shoes with high heels. Shoes with heels higher than one to two inches are considered high heels. Unbeknownst to most shoe owners, this is a source of back pain. The pain you feel is the direct result of the lack of height in your high heels, and here is why:

  • The human body is meant to place most of its transitional weight on the balls of the feet. High heels allow you to rest in your heels, even in motion.
  • When the body is out of alignment because high heels displace the proper distribution of weight on the feet, the body tries to compensate by altering the posture.
  • The altered and substituted posture in heels causes pain in the mid- to lower back.

If you really want to wear high-heeled shoes, you have to wear ones that push your weight back onto the balls of your feet and lift the weight almost entirely off your heels. This puts your hips, spine and posture back where it belongs. Otherwise, wear flats and skip the back pain risk altogether.

Slouching or Leaning Against Objects

This may be a sign that you cannot support yourself properly. You may not even be aware that you are doing it. If every time you stop to talk to someone or look at something, and you find yourself leaning or looking for physical support, you probably have back pain on at least one side of your body. The side you lean or slouch towards most often directly results in pain on the opposing side as it strains to keep you upright. Try wearing a body slimming undergarment and you will notice just how often you do this.

Bras That Do Not Fit Correctly

An improperly fitting undergarment means you are constantly twisting about to keep straps on your shoulders and the hook band where it should be. On top of that, women with larger breasts are not receiving the kind of support they really need, and the weight of their breasts causes them to slump forward. It causes a lot of stress and strain on the upper back, shoulders and neck. If you experience this problem, get properly fitted for a bra that supports you completely and helps improve your posture. If you can afford it, you may also consider breast reduction surgery, which often eliminates back pain completely.

Do Not Forego Comfort for Fashion

The biggest reason so many people experience back pain more often than they should is because they forego comfort for fashion. Although this is perfectly acceptable for special occasions, you should not acquiesce to fashion under pressure every day. You can save your back and still dress fashionably if you know how. In the meantime, you can get treatment for your back pain at a medical facility like The Chicago FIX.