If you are interested in having a girls night where you pamper yourself and have a night out, it can be a good idea to have a two in one. Sometimes getting out two weekends in a row or finding a date that works for everyone can be hard, so doing two activities at once can give you an entire day for fun. If you plan to have a spa day, then go out to a restaurant or night club, here are some of the services that you should book for everyone for your spa party. 

Tension relief massage

For busy girlfriends, there is no better service than a massage. Make sure you speak with the spa service in order to book a massage that helps with the relief of tension. Those who work and raise families often deal with a lot of stress each day. A massage that focuses on relieving tension and stress that is carried around in the body will relax everyone, plus get you all in the party mood. When you book the spa party, you can order a package that will allow a choice of massages such as Swedish massages and hot stone massage. This will let everyone get their pick of massage services.

Mani-Pedi services

With busy schedules working, with children, and with other activities, it may not be feasible for everyone to be able to get their nails done regularly. Since you will all want to look perfectly put together for your girl's night out, book a group manicure and pedicure. If everyone is having their nails and feet painted, this service can be relatively fast as a group, but will allow everyone to get a service that can last a week or more. 

Makeup services

After a relaxing day at a spa party, everyone needs to get prepared to go to the night party. Ask for a makeup artist as one of your spa services. Each person can get a chance in the chair after changing and after doing their hair. This makes sure that everyone has the opportunity to look good without having to bring makeup along to the spa party. The makeup session will also give everyone a chance to try something new with their look if they so desire. If you want you and your best girlfriends to enjoy your night out and let your hair down, relaxing then trying out a brand new look can help everyone get excited about having a good time.

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