Two of the main things that go into an airbrush tanning session are the skill of the airbrush applier and the airbrush tanning solution. If you don't have an expert give you an airbrush tanning session, you can end up with streaky or gritty results that won't last or won't look natural.

If you choose the wrong airbrush tanning solution, your results can again be streaky. They can also be unevenly colored, bright orange or dark brown, or too greasy or dry to be comfortable. The right airbrush tanning solution will make a big difference in your success.

Here are things to look for when you get your airbrush tan.

Natural melanin-enhancing ingredients 

While nothing short of a sunburn — which isn't good — will give you the permanent skin-affecting solution you want for more dark skin and a nice tan, an airbrush tanning solution can still contain some ingredients that can help enhance skin's natural color for longer lasting results. Melanin production can be increased by using certain ingredients in your airbrush tanning solution, such as vitamin C.

The right moisturizing agents

An oil-based airbrush tanning solution might feel great on your skin and give your skin a more moisturized glow, but certain minerals and oils, such as grape seed or mineral oil, can actually make your airbrush tan last less long. Instead, choose a moisturizing oil-free airbrush tanning solution, and do your best to avoid exfoliating a lot before and after your tan so your results still last.

The right color base

An airbrush tanning solution should be the right color at the base, which is where your tan will come from. A basic neutral brown can work well to help give you a more rich tan, while yellow or orange may give you a more subtle and golden glow. The right airbrush tanning solution will give your skin the right amount of color when you are finished. Choose a color base for your airbrush tanning solution based on the natural skin color you have. If you have been tanning, then use your current skin color tone to choose the color base for your professional airbrush tan.

Always allow your airbrush tan to be done by a professional salon specialist. This will give you the best results and allow you to feel great about your skin. You can get an airbrush tan as often as you wish to keep your new glow consistent and beautiful for longer periods of time.