Perfume can be a wonderful gift. As nice perfume can be expensive, it is something people sometimes feel guilty buying for themselves, which makes receiving a bottle extra nice. When your recipient opens the perfume, they will know for sure that you care for them and took the time to find something they'd enjoy. However, because perfume can be a little personal, there are a few tips you'll want to follow when you give it as a gift.

Give the best brand you can afford.

Don't spend more than you can afford to spend, but don't cheap out, either. Set a budget, and then shop for perfumes that are within that budget. If you are on a limited budget, you are better off opting for a smaller bottle rather than choosing a lower-end brand. Perfume is meant to be a luxurious gift, so you want to give a brand that says "luxury," even if that means choosing a 2-ounce bottle rather than an 8-ounce one.

Consider giving a set.

Some people like lighter scents, such as those offered in eau de toilette or body spray. Others like heavier scents, such as those of "a eau du parfum." Since you may not know what your recipient prefers, it can be nice to give them a set that includes two or three different perfume products of the same scent. This way, they can use the lighter spray or the heavier sprays based on their preference and do what they please with the other products — whether that's giving them away or using them on different occasions.

Smell the perfume beforehand.

If possible, try to smell the various perfumes you're considering before you choose one to give to your recipient. Don't rely solely on the written descriptions of a scent. What the product description writer describes as "lightly citrus" may smell overly citrusy to you. Try to find a scent that reminds you of something you've known the recipient to wear before. Alternatively, if you know the recipient loves something specific, such as flowers or peaches, you can look for a scent that carries those notes.

If you follow the tips above, you should have no trouble finding a perfume gift that your loved one enjoys. Keep in mind, however, that it's still nice to include a gift receipt, just in case they decide they would rather exchange the perfume for a different scent. Everyone has different preferences, and sometimes it's not possible to perfectly hone in on someone else's favorite scent. 

If you are having trouble picking out the right perfume, consider buying a kit with selections pre-chosen for you, such as the Baccarat Rouge Perfume Gift Set.