Scalp micropigmentation is essentially a hair tattoo that gives you the appearance of having a buzz cut. Scalp micropigmentation can be used to help fill in a thinning crown or a bald head and allow you to enjoy the appearance of a fuller head of hair. With this type of scalp tattoo, if you want the tattoo to heal correctly, you need to know how to take care of your head.

1. Eat Before Your Treatment

When you undergo a scalp micropigmentation process, your body will get a big of a workout as you deal with the procedure. You will burn calories during the procedure, which is why you should eat a full meal before you go in for your treatment. Don't skimp on a meal because you are nervous; you will need your strength and stamina for this procedure, so eat a filling meal before.

2. Bring a Snack with You

It is common to experience a little blood sugar drop when you are getting tattooed on your head. That is why you should bring a few sugary drinks or snacks with you to enjoy during your treatment. This will help keep you feeling stable and help you cope with the adrenaline that can build up when undergoing this procedure.

3. Use Ice for Swelling

Next, after your procedure, you will want to have some ice packs and ice on hand. You will want to wrap some ice packs or ice in a paper towel and apply it to your head for about fifteen or twenty minutes at a time, and then take a break and ice again. Icing your head will help to reduce the swelling around the treatment site. This will help to reduce swelling and bruising following your treatment.

4. Use a New Pillowcase

You are going to want to keep everything around your head as clean as possible. When it is time for you to go to sleep, you will want to change your pillowcase to a new one. That will keep things clean around your head.

5. Take an Exercise Break

It is essential to take an exercise break. You will want to avoid any exercise that gets you hot and sweaty for about a week following your treatment. In addition, you will want to avoid having your head sweat as much as possible during the healing process.

6. Keep Your Showers Short

After your procedure, you will want to avoid taking long and steamy showers for about two weeks. The steam is not good for the tattoo. Instead, stick to quick five-minute showers, where you wash your body. Keep your head out of the water as much as possible; when you wash your hair, keep it quick.

Stay out of any chlorinated water sources, such as hot tubs and pools.

7. Protect Your Head Outdoors

Finally, you are going to want to protect your head when you are outdoors. You are going to want to wear a hat when you go outside. Also, you will want to keep your head out of the sun for about a month.

Scalp micropigmentation is a tattooing procedure that will provide you with visible short hair where it is missing on your head. On the day of your procedure, eat a full meal and bring some sugary snacks with you to help you get through the treatment. After the procedure, you will want to protect your head by using ice for swelling, sleep on a new pillowcase, take an exercise break, keep your showers short, and protect your head outdoors. 

For more information, contact a local provider, like Downey Hair Loss Solutions.