When you are planning your wedding and trying to curb costs associated with different aspects of the big day, there are a few things that you should not short-change yourself on. These elements of your wedding can either help make the day go smoothly, or they could wreak havoc and impact your guests' enjoyment of the overall event.

Five wedding details that you should not cut corners on include the following:

Bridal party hair and make-up

Spring for a hair and make-up professional to tend to those in your wedding party for bridal hair and makeup to ensure that everyone looks their very best for your big day. This also ensures provides a look of cohesion among those standing up for you in the photos that you have taken at your wedding.


Don't make the mistake of hiring an inexpensive photographer for your big day, and end up paying the price later on. The special moments of your wedding are fleeting and it takes an experienced and talented photographer to capture them. This is not the area to cut corners or attempt to save a few dollars, and it could result in having less-than satisfying photos in your wedding album after.

Venue rental

When you are checking out potential venues for your big day, be sure that you are not squeezed-in between other functions that could interfere with set-up and cleaning before and after your wedding. If possible, rent the space out the day before to allow for adequate time to get your venue decorated and adorned for the ceremony or reception. It may cost a bit more, but it will provide a much more relaxed, worry-free mood for all those helping you at your event.


The one thing that most people remember after attending a wedding is the food. Be sure that you put some thought and effort into your menu, considering your guests and any dietary restrictions that they may have. A great meal is the perfect way to thank your friends and loved ones for participating in your special day.

Master of ceremonies

A master of ceremonies is the individual who gets the honor of introducing the newly-married couple, announcing upcoming activities, and even telling guests when it is time to cut the cake. This task often falls to the hired DJ, which is fine as long as you do a run-through with this person ahead of time. A master of ceremonies keeps the day's events and traditions on-track and on-time, so that the entire day goes smoothly.

Your wedding should be a day when you get to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor, so ensure that things go smoothly by planning on beauty services for the wedding party, booking a great photographer and master of ceremonies, coordinating a diverse and tasty menu, and renting out your venue long enough to allow for set-up and cleaning after. There are some potential areas that you might trim the costs of your wedding, but don't let it be these five important aspects.