A good jeweler uses only the finest quality metals and gemstones in his creations. A great jeweler also uses only the finest quality metals and gemstones, and additionally, stands by his designs for the life of his creations and offers customization and repairs at any time. 

The Benefit of a Finding a Jeweler Who Will Work With You

When you buy fine jewelry from a jeweler who offers a life-long customization and repair guarantee, you know intrinsically that you are buying jewelry of the very highest quality and craftsmanship available. When you find a jeweler like this you know you can trust him and have confidence in the quality of his work. You can come back again and again to this jeweler for many reasons:

-    If your jewelry becomes worn or fragile, you can bring it in to the originating jeweler and he will repair it and make sure that your possession retains its value and beauty. 

-    If a stone cracks or falls out, the originating jeweler will know exactly how to repair it, because he created the piece and set the stones.

-    If you have a piece of antique jewelry that you inherited that has sentimental value, you can bring it to your trusted jeweler with full confidence that he can restore and customize it so that it is strong and durable without altering the design. 

-    If you would like to buy a piece of jewelry for a friend or loved one, you know that whatever you buy from your trusted jeweler, such as Woodbury Jewelers, will be of high quality and can be customized to fit your recipient.  

-    If you find interesting gemstones that you would like to have made into unique jewelry, you know that your jeweler can create a design for your stones that will fit you perfectly and will last for many generations.

-    If you have other pieces that need to be restored, such as watches and clocks, enameled jewelry, costume jewelry and other designs, you know that this jeweler can fix and update them or refer you to someone that he trusts who can do it. 

The Benefit of Having a Return Customer

Finding a jeweler who will work with you is priceless, and this benefit also extends to the jeweler. 

-    When you return to this jeweler, he already knows your taste and size and what you like in his creations.

-    When this jeweler finds interesting stones and metals that he knows you like, he can alert you that he may have some new creations that you might be interested in. 

Whenever you buy jewelry, look for a jeweler who will give you a life-long guarantee on his work. You will be establishing a beneficial relationship with a valued craftsman that benefits both of you. This relationship is priceless.