While it would be ideal to go to a salon every week to get your hair and scalp deep conditioned or to get a manicure, most people cannot afford to do this very often. If you have a dry scalp and dry hands, then consider using these two remedies to improve their condition in between receiving these salon services.

Scalp Treatment

First, consider using olive oil on your scalp a few times a week when you wash your hair. If you really want to make this treatment work well, apply the oil directly to your scalp and rub it in for a few minutes.

The oil will absorb into your hair some too, so add a little more oil if your scalp starts to feel dry. Let the oil sit on you scalp for at least five minutes and then rinse it away with warm water. To prevent more drying, do not wash your scalp with shampoo right after. Instead, wait until the next day so that your scalp has had time to hydrate and get rid of the dry skin.

You can always wash your hair and entire head with olive oil in the shower, and this will help both your hair and scalp to feel healthier. You can also coat your hands in olive oil in the shower every day if you have really dry skin, and you will start to notice a difference in how healthy your skin feels.

Paraffin Wax Treatment

Next, you need to treat that rough skin on your hands. Getting a manicure at a salon regularly can help with dry skin, but you have to do regular home treatments to make sure that the cuticles and skin do not crack or become scaly in between visits.

To do this, buy a paraffin wax heater and a block of paraffin wax. Coat your hands in the wax by dipping them up to five or six times each. Cover your hands with plastic bags as soon as the wax is on, and then seal the bags as closely to your arms as possible. 

The point of adding the bags is to trap the heat and moisture around your skin. Your pores will open up as your skin steams, and then the moisturizers from the paraffin wax will get into your pores and will help your skin to feel soft. 

After about five or ten minutes, remove the wax and put it back into the wax warmer so that it can be used again. Apply lotion, and repeat this process every day or as often as is needed.

By doing these 2 treatments at home, you can get rid of dry skin on your scalp and hands. You can then follow up with salon services to make your skin feel even softer.