As you browse through the design books at your local tattoo parlor, it might be easy to get carried away with colors and shapes and forget about reality. However, since that ink is permanent, it is a good idea to think about different aspects of your tattoo before you go under the gun. Here are four things you should consider before you get a tattoo, so that your design looks incredible for years to come.

1: Trend

Those Chinese symbols might make you look cultured and unique now, but how will they look twenty years from now? Although it might seem fun to fall in line with the current trends, finding a classic design that will look nice later is a smart decision. To choose a meaningful design, think carefully about the things that are important to you. Consider a tattoo of your family crest, the initials of a loved one, or a personal mantra.

2: Size

After narrowing down your design search, you might be tempted to have that image drawn as large as possible across your back. However, when it comes to size, a little tattoo can go a long way. Remember that you can always fill up your sleeves with extra images later, and it might make the space look more eclectic. Also, keep in mind that large dark areas can make it look like you are covering up another tattoo, which generally isn't something people want.

3: Placement

Your tattoo will become a part of you- growing and changing over the years. As you gain weight, your tattoo could be warped. Because of this fact, think carefully about placement as you choose a tattoo design. Try to stay away from areas of your body that are prone to steep size changes, such as your stomach. Otherwise, that cool crocodile tattoo on your tummy might look like a giant Komodo Dragon if you gain a few pounds.  

4: Line Definition and Color

Over time, your tattoo will break down slightly inside of your body. As your skin is sloughed off and inks dissipate, it can alter the definition and color of your tattoo. In fact, after about 15 years, your tattoo might look a lot different. As you choose a design, remember that finer lines and lighter colors will dissipate faster than thicker lines and darker colors.

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