When you have naturally curly hair, going to the salon can be a nightmare. It feels as if no one understands your wayward tresses, and you may worry about yet another botched hair cut. When choosing a stylist, use these tips to grab a pro who can handle your beautiful, bouncing curls.

Make your concerns known

As you call to make an appointment at your local salon, make sure you tell them over the phone any concerns you have with your hair. Explain to them the natural frizz or curly aspects of your hair you'd like to have so they can help you choose a stylist in their salon who can help you out the best. An experienced individual who works exclusively with curly or African American hair is going to be the most able to give you the great cut you are looking for.

Before you go in

Leave your hair in its naturally curly state when you arrive for your appointment. Wash it as you normally would, and allow it to fall around your face naturally. Avoid using any taming products, so your stylist knows the true texture and volume of your locks. In short, arrive with as natural hair as possible, even if you feel like Bozo the clown. Take with you any styling tools you already use, including shampoo, conditioners, and hair products, so your hair cutting specialist can point out to you what is great about the things you use, and make suggestions where improvements can be made.

In the chair

Don't be afraid to speak up and ask the stylist what they are doing as they pull out those scissors. You need to know exactly how they are cutting your hair so you aren't surprised by the effects afterwards. Be open to suggestions, however, and listen to why layers may be a great idea or why you should forgo those bangs you really wanted. Your stylist knows what they are doing, especially if they work with hair just like yours all the time, and will work their magic to help you achieve hair you can love.

When you get your curly hair styled, there are many things you can do to help make your experience a great one. Choose a stylist who can tackle your curly tresses, listen to their advice as to how to style your hair, and let them show you new cuts that can flatter your texture and face, and you can love your unique hair even more.