Fashion is constantly changing and it leaves many women behind. If you find your own personal style, though, it is easy to find what you are looking for when you walk into a store. Here are four questions you should ask yourself when you are deciding what your personal style is going to be. 

1. What colors do you feel the most comfortable in? You don't have to buy the "in" colors each season. If you are an outgoing, bouncy person, you may be more comfortable in happier, brighter colors (like teal, yellow and pink). If you are more subdued, trying wearing colors that have gray added to them (like lavender and dusty rose). If you are bold and outspoken, wear bold colors (like black, cobalt blue, and red). It is possible to match your personality with the clothes you wear! You will be surprised how different you feel when you try to "match" your inside and your outside. 

2. Do you like to accessorize? Sometimes you may tempted to buy accessories because women are "supposed" to like them. However, you can look just as beautiful without tons of accessories. Does your neck feel naked without a large necklace or scarf? Or do you feel like they are choking you? Does the gentle tinkling of a bracelet make you smile or scream with frustration? Once you decide how you feel about accessories (and which kinds you like), it will make your life so much simpler. Purchase some different kinds at a secondhand store or a garage sale and pay close attention to how you feel when you wear them. 

3. Do you want to mix and match your clothes? Some people absolutely love to put together different outfits every day. Others get frustrated with too many options (jumpsuits and rompers are great for these people since they are one piece). Choosing one color scheme can help a lot in this area because multiple tops can match multiple bottoms. Some women choose a "uniform" of sorts (like a simple white blouse and dark pants) and then just change it up with a few colorful accessories. It makes both shopping and getting dressed quick and simple. 

4. How many clothes do you want to own? This is important. Buying more clothes than you have space for (or want to care for) will waste money and frustrate you. Only buy what you love and are willing to replace something else with. Eventually you will have a closet filled with things that fit you perfectly and help you feel beautiful. 

If you mindfully consider these four questions, you will find the perfect style for you. Look here for more information.