For children with autism, going to get a hair cut can be stressful. The noise in the salon, the strangers chatting with each other and the smells of hair products can give your child sensory overload. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to prepare your child and make sure that he or she gets a great hair style. Here are just a few options to help.

Schedule A Private Consultation

Some stylists offer private consultations that take place before or after the salon is open to the public. You may even be able to find a stylist who will take care of your child's hair cut at home. Creating an environment with as few distractions as possible can make it easier for your child to adjust to what is about to happen, ensuring a fun and stress-free experience.

Use Pictures To Help Explain What Is Going To Happen

Head to the library to find a book that talks about getting a hair cut. Use the pictures to help your child understand the steps that are involved in the hair appointment, including sitting in the waiting area, getting his or her hair shampooed and getting the actual hair cut. Be sure to explain that the stylist will have to touch your child during the appointment. Some children with autism have difficulty being touched by others, and knowing what to expect can help him or her mentally prepare for the appointment.

Talk To The Stylist Ahead Of Time

It is just as important for the stylist to know about your child's needs as it is for your child to understand what is going to happen. Talk to the stylist about the things that trigger your child and come up with a plan to create a more comfortable experience. Your stylist may be able to ensure that a favorite movie is playing on a television in the salon or that the music is turned off during the visit. Planning ahead will help everyone in the salon have a positive experience.

Get Your Child Excited About The Hair Cut

Look through pictures of trendy hairstyles and let your child pick out the look that he or she loves. By providing a visual aide that shows what the hair cut will look like when it is complete, your child can get excited about the visit and feel less anxious about getting a hair cut.

Getting a hair cut for your child with autism doesn't have to be a traumatic experience. Make hair cuts comfortable and even fun by using some of these ideas to prepare your child for the visit. Talk with a salon like A Cut Above for more tips to help your child with a successful hair cut.