Winter is just around the corner, and in many parts of the country, temperatures and humidity levels are dropping. Dry weather can be especially damaging to your hair, but you can combat that problem by making small changes to your hair care routine. These tips will help you keep your hair shiny, moisturized and healthy for the coming winter season.

Humidify Your Hair

Sleep with a humidifier turned on in your bedroom to put moisture back in the air and in your hair. Don't worry about causing your hair to frizz--the dryness of the air in other parts of your home and in the rest of the world will offset the humidity in your room. To help the humidifier do its job, sleep with a nighttime leave-in hair treatment.

Use Hot Oil to Moisturize and Rejuvenate Your Hair

Hot oil treatments are good for locking in moisture, reducing dryness and enhancing the shine of your hair. Hot oil treatments can also protect your hair from the harsh, dry winds outside, preventing that wind-swept effect. In many areas, you can purchase a hot oil treatment from your local pharmacy or beauty salon, but homemade oil treatments work as well. Simply oil down your hands with olive oil and run your fingers through your hair. Then wrap your head in a plastic wrap, cover the wrap with a warm towel and use a hair dryer to warm your hair through the plastic. When the hot oil treatment is finished, rinse your hair in warm (not hot!) water.

Go Natural With Your Coloring

Dying already damages and dries out your hair, and in winter, damage from dying only gets worse. If you normally dye your hair, try going natural before the start of the winter. Return your hair back to its natural color, then leave it that way all winter long. This will help protect your hair from a double-whammy of dry air and damaging hair care practices.

Cut More Frequently

Dry hair can develop split ends quickly. To protect from split ends, increase the frequency with which you get hair cuts. Get small trims on a monthly basis. To cut back on the expense, stop by your local cosmetology school. Cosmetology school haircuts are a great way to keep the split ends off your hair while also spending less money on the cut.

For more information about ways that you can protect your hair this winter, contact your local cosmetology school for an appointment as well as tips and advice.